as it comes

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Caitlyn. 22. Arizona. Daniel<3.Capricorn.Medical Mystery.
.XI.XIV.MMXI. At Least He Died A Lion

It’s fucking ridiculous that I had things stolen from me during my 5 days away in CO. To come “home” and to find out my boyfriends sister-in-law found the need to steal my prescription medication & stop me from getting test ran because I don’t have the meds. Fucking boils my blood. Karma will get her one day.
Just sucks I don’t feel safe anymore, my shit isn’t safe, I don’t even feel like my dogs safe alone here. And now I’m out $30 for a stupid security safe I shouldn’t need!

Just so fucking annoying.

I have never been so ready to get back home. Usually with vacations I wanna stay far from Az! But dear lord I wanna go home. Back to az, figure out wtf is wrong with my healthy. Fix that then go back to work and continue life.
So bored
so stressed
so angry
so helpless

So ready for something new, I hate being like this & hate all the shenans life has brought.

When you feel like it’s never good enough…..