Thank you once again for canceling plans 2 hours before hand. So frustrating

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I’m sorry i can’t support you on this choice.

its nothing but a toxic relationship that i wont sit back & watch you put yourself through again.

I’ll always be here for you and i’ll be by your side. but i wont watch you fall into that black dark cold hole again.

call me a bitch or think im horrible. but hes honestly no good for you.




Lieve Van den Bosch - Belgium, 2010


Cabin at Big Bear Lake, California


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funkycorpse asked:
Around the end of April, 2014, I'll be turning 18. I'm really excited to finally be able to get my nostrils dermal punched, and I'm wondering that since you've worked in NC, would you recommend any specific shops for it? I definitely want to make sure I go somewhere good but I don't know anyone to ask about it.




TL;DR: make life easier for yourself, not harder.

I highly recommend Mark Thomas at Warlock’s in Raleigh for all your (and anyone else’s) piercing needs.

That being said- I want you, and everyone else, to read the following very carefully.

Punched (or initially done at a large gauge) nostrils is a bit of a bad idea, in my opinion, for someone who is barely 18. For that matter, any sort of heavy modification work that isn’t easily reversible isn’t a great decision for someone so young.

I admire your interest in body modification. I feel the same way you do, really, in that my body is my own, and no one should be able to dictate what I do or don’t do to it. Society’s ignorance and judgement shouldn’t affect my decisions, your decisions, or anyone else’s. However, it does. As someone who had a bunch of heavy work done at a young age (my hands and scalp were tattooed when I was 19, my face when I was 20-21) let me tell you that as awesome as I still feel about it all, I often found myself dreading leaving the house because, in the Bible Belt, people are pretty quick to judge or make comments, and it can make you feel depressed, anxious, and generally pretty shitty about going out in public.

As satisfying as living according to your own rules is, it can be a bit bittersweet. As someone just starting the transition into adulthood, who will need to be able to secure a job, who will need to be taken seriously by employers, educators, family, and friends, that’s going to be way harder with big holes in your nose.

In my opinion, the more mature decision to make with your newfound freedom would be to hold off on getting a big pair of nostril piercings, and instead focus your efforts on your education and quality of life. Don’t limit your options out of the gate. Finish college, get a dope job that you love, make your life as cushy and awesome as possible, and then when you’re at the top of your game, start making moves. Nobody can attack your position when you’re protected.

Now here’s what’s awesome: I’m not saying you shouldn’t get anything done, I’m just saying you should give it a little forethought. Get a pair of 14g nostril piercings, and wear some big ass gems on them. Get all the tattoos you want, just keep them off visible skin. Don’t make your life harder, make it easier. Have fun, live well, be safe, and make sure you can continue to do so for years to come. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Best advice. Ever.

This. So much.

Harry Potter films + Christmas

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